The “Adem Jashari” Memorial Complex - Prekaz, Skenderaj

 Memorial Complex

The “Adem Jashari” Memorial Complex is located in Prekaz – Skënderaj and was built in honour of the Martyrs of the Jasharaj’s Battle which took part on March 5, 6 and 7, 1998. Considering the necessity for the protection of this area of ​​special interest, which has ontological, anthropological, historical and cultural significance for the citizens of Kosovo, the Assembly of Kosovo also adopted the Law on the proclamation of the “Adem Jashari” Memorial Complex an area of ​​special national interest.

On March 5, 1998, numerous terrorist forces of the Serbian police and army, with armoured vehicles, blew up the fence of the Hunting Ammunition Factory in Skënderaj and stormed into the houses of the Jashari family.

On the first day of the attack on the Jashari family, a fierce battle began against the Serbian military and police forces. Adem Jashari’s entire family began fighting without compromise, prepared to resist to the very bitter end.

According to the story told by Besarta Jashari, the witness of this Epopee: “On the first day a great battle took place, during the whole day the houses were shelled. That day Adile, Adem’s wife, was the only one killed. She was killed on the steps of one of the houses, when she went to get ammunition on the third floor of the house where the rooms were full of weapons.”

On the second day of the attack on the Jashari family, respectively on March 6, 1998, the fightings, according to Besarta’s confession, began as follows: “In the morning, the shelling of the Serbian forces started again. Grenades fell on every part of the houses and the yard. The pieces of a grenade and its casing fell on top of Igbal, the son of uncle Rifat. The shelling continued to get even more powerful as other family members began to be killed by grenade fragments. Adem and Hamza, together with the sons of the family resisted on their positions. The most tragic was a grenade that fell on the basement and split it in two, destroying it. That grenade also killed some of our other family members. From this grenade and several others that were thrown in a row, Hidajete, Rifat’s daughter and my sister Fatime, who was two years younger than me, also died from the wounds received. Besim, Kushtrim and Adem were still alive, fighting from one position to another.”

It can easily be understood from this that the battle was escalating more and more, in spite of the damages that were being caused day by day.

On the third day of the attack, on March 7, 1998, which is also considered the day of the heroic fall of the KLA Commander, Adem Jashari and his family, the glorious day of the KLA Epopee, Besarta also describes the last and foremost moments of the fighting at the house of the Jashari family.

From these fierce fightings that took place for three days in a row with the Serbian police and military forces, together with the KLA Commander Adem Jashari, 20 members of his family, of whom 10 children, heroically fell in defense of the doorstep of their home, their homeland and their nation.

The battle of March 5, 6 and 7 in Prekaz, from the time distance and the historical aspect, closes a painful chapter for the Kosovo Albanians, and the commencement of a new chapter. It is remembered as the battle that determined the future of Albanians, restored the dignity of Albanians and became an inspiration to every patriot.

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